Jarryd Haynes may get out of third trial

Former Fiji 7s star and NRL player Jarryd Haynes might be able to get away from his crimes.

The convicted rapist walked out on bail from prison a few days ago, and now news has been dropped that he might not get a third trial.

A court hearing prosecutor is said to be considering dropping the charges against the celebrity.

Prosecutor Isha Fay told the court that they have yet to decide whether they will push through with a third trial.

Haynes has been serving his ninth month in prison for sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman in Newcastle after the NRL grand finals in 2018.

“This matter is listed for mention following a decision by the Court of Criminal Appeal,” Ms. Fay told Judge Chris O’Brien.

“The crown at this stage is still considering its position in relation to a retrial.”