Calls for convicted rapist Nasilasila to withdraw from Super 7s Series

The Minister for Women Rosy Akbar and Shamima Ali of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Center coordinator is calling for the immediate withdrawal of convicted rapist Amenoni Nasilasila from the Wardens 7s team.

The Fiji Corrections Service has yet to respond to the strong calls of  Akbar and Ali.

The Fiji Rugby 7s player was sentenced to 8 years in prison by the High Court Judge in 2019 after he had raped a 24-year-old woman.

Nasilasila made his debut for the Fijian national 7s team in 2014 in Dubai Sevens.

The player was one of the players of the Wardens 7s team who participated in the second leg of the Fiji Rugby sanctioned Super 7s Series.

Akbar was shocked by the news that the convicted rapist was even considered by the Fiji Corrections Service team to play and that such privilege should not be given to persons of heinous crimes.

She sees the continuous disregard of the law as a mockery of the justice system and sends the wrong message to the community, rapists, and would-be rapists.

Akbar also clarified that people who have been convicted of such heinous crimes should not be able to have the opportunity to play at their leisure.

Nasilasila isn’t the only Fijian Rugby 7s star who has been convicted of rape.

Jarryd Haynes was recently on news headlines as he walked out of prison after being granted bail.