Ireland Sevens stars Six Nations hopes

One Irish Sevens superstar is setting her eyes on Six Nations boost.

Stacey Flood is a staple name in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. With their success in Seville Sevens last month, after the team won their historical silver medal,  she spoke to a podcast about her high hopes for the Six Nation tournament.

The young speedster is hoping that their sevens success, bring more fans for their XVs squad in Six Nations.

Flood was recently announced as Energia’s new rugby ambassadors and is said to represent several partnerships in all levels.

“Even after the game, it was like ‘Ah that’s so s**t.’ Then you’re like ‘Actually, we have never been in a final before, let’s take a step back here and look at how far we have come and how much we can achieve.’

“Obviously, it’s crap not to get the win in a final, but to go onto the Sevens circuit and put an Irish print there is huge.

“Even for people to hear the Irish anthem in the final was brilliant.

“Hopefully, we can stay up there, keep the consistency going and not just make it a one-off. We were delighted to see the men qualify for the Olympics, it’s about putting the women on the map now as well.”

“The fact it has its own window is extremely exciting,” said Flood in her role as Energia’s new rugby ambassador.

“I feel like there were more eyes on it last year, and that really helped the game grow. The excitement levels are high to get back playing a full Six Nations, because we didn’t get to experience that last year.”

“I think there is so much more to improve on,” she added.

“Obviously, I had a good stint at it, but I feel like I was only kinda scratching the surface.

“The girls around me were great. This year is going to be same. Even changing coaches, it adds more to your game because you are getting another set of eyes to help you.

“It’s all about moving forward now and seeing what else we can add to our game.”