Snenhlanhla Shozi sets RWC Sevens goal

South African Sevens legend Snenhlanhla Shozi sets her goals on another Rugby World Cup Sevens appearance.

Rugby fans enjoyed the news of tickets being put up on sale for the Rugby World Cup Sevens. With the recent success of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, and the exciting return of rugby sevens after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. Rugby fans and teams are now all eyes on the next big tournament.

One notable fans is South African rugby player Shozi, who was part of the national team that went to Rugby World Cup Sevens in 2018 in  San Francisco, USA

Shozi aims to make the team for the upcoming 2022 RWC Sevens tournament that will be held in her home soil.

“I was very fortunate to be part of that team and when I was given the opportunity to be part of this squad, it was such a huge thing for me,” said the sevens star in an interview.

The 27-year-old is now in Stellenbosch to prepare with the Sevens squad for the African Cup Sevens in Tunisia in April. This will be their road to RWC Sevens.

“The experience I picked up from playing in San Francisco in 2018 has helped me already during these camps. I know how hard it is to play at that level and at such an occasion. More importantly, I know how much work I still need to put in to return to that level.”

“Sevens is all about the space. With 15s there are obviously less space, but the other thing about sevens is how one second can cost you dearly.

“In 15s one can normally recover from a missed tackle, but in sevens, if you make a mistake, you and your team will pay the price.”

“I know what I am good at, I can identify the space on the field,” she said in the interview.

“I can also kick pretty well, simply because I played soccer before. I still need to work on tactical kicking but that is not so much at stake now. Sevens is a game that I like. I know if I am fit enough, I can perform in this game. I hope this time I can be involve for a long time.”