Russian women’s 7s in quarantine in Japan

The news broke out of Olympic teams being put in quarantine after several teams have been experiencing Covid-19 related issues. After the news of South Africa’s men’s rugby sevens team entering quarantine after someone from their flight tested positive for the virus.

Now it’s the Russian Women’s sevens team that have hit a major road block to their Olympic dream. The Russian women are now in quarantine in the Japanese south-eastern city of Munakata, this was due to reports that one of the team therapists tested positive for the coronavirus.

The news reports have failed to provide information on the how long the women will be in quarantine with the Tokyo Olympics only weeks away.

“There is no threat regarding team’s withdrawal from the Games,” the source said in a news report. “One of the team’s members tested positive [for COVID-19]. The team has been quarantined for the period of four days and will then return to its training process.”

The women’s rugby sevens in the Olympic Games is set to kick off on July 29 after the men’s tournament ends.

This will prove to be a difficult risk for teams who intend to fly to Japan via commercial airlines rather than chartered flights. Any delays in their camps or being held in quarantine may cause a team to miss out of the Olympic Games if teams arrive later this week.

Other teams are still expected to arrive within the week as they all prepare to go into isolated camps in different cities.

Teams will be in their respective bubbles until the games kicks off. Most teams are expected to fly into Tokyo on the 23rd for the opening ceremonies.

Russian athletes will be competing in Tokyo under the flag and logo of the Russian National Olympic Committee (ROC) instead of the Russian national flag and state emblem. The national anthem of Russia will also not be used in the Olympic Games this July.