Kenya 7s says Japanese climate will favor them

Kenya 7s are now in Kurume, Japan as they prepare for the Olympic Games this July 26. Head Coach Innocent Simiyu has said in an interview that the Japanese humidity will be in their favor.

The Kenya sevens rugby national team had their first training at the Fukuoka Prefecture Kurume sports Center last Tuesday. The squad had a blast breaking in their boots in Japanese soil as Andrew Amonde leads the 12 man squad as captain. Kurume is located at the Kyushu Island, each rugby team were based around Japan as they train in isolation before flying to Tokyo.

While other teams worry about the Japanese climate, Kenyan head coach has said that the 33°C head and a humidity level of 57 percent was preferable for them for the games.

“Of course the first session you will expect guys to be rusty because of the travelling, humidity and adjusting to the conditions here. There are a lot of housekeeping stuff that we need to do outside the pitch to ensure that we build on to during training ahead of the competition, but we are happy that we are out and we have started our performance,” Simiyu told Capital Sport.

The Shujaa will be opening their Olympic Games against a tough competition in the form of the USA Eagles led by Mike Friday. The Eagles have been on a uphill climb as their improvements throughout the years has brought them more glory.

They will then have to face defending bronze medalists South Africa on the same day before battling it out with another up and coming squad Ireland on July 27.

“There’s enough time to prepare for us, we are focusing on our game plan back at home we focused on our game profiles. We are taking a game at a time. Ireland is also a good team even before they came to the core series, they made the semis in the World Series. They are quite a good team and play an expansive game so it will be interesting to see who will come out of the pool because all the teams are tough,” Simiyu said.

“It’s a tough pool but at the Olympics all pools are difficult, you don’t expect any easy game if you look at the last Olympics Japan played some good rugby and managed to beat New Zealand and get to the semis, so we will be very keen on how we start and hopefully we will see who will come out of the pool.”

“Olympics will be interesting tournament, will be exciting all teams will be coming out to play for the Olympics dream, for us knowing back at home there are 50 plus million who are supporting us it’s a big plus, we urge all Kenyans to wake up and support the boys and encourage them to give their best so that we get good result.” said Simiyu in an interview.