Fiji 7s already in Tokyo

The defending Olympic Champion, Fiji 7s has landed in Japan with the Fijiana 7s. Teams have been going on social media to share their first days of their preparations for the Olympic Games.

The Fijian men and women where greeted with a dinner at Oita Japan as they prepare to settle in to the new climate.


Fiji Rugby has posted photos online of the teams looking happy and ready in Tokyo as Gareth Baber and the rest of the team management prepares to plan out Fiji’s training plan.

Fiji Rugby posted on their Facebook page a video of Baber talking about how they plan to prepare for the Olympic Games:

“We’ll mimic the timings for the Olympics, its something we’ve done several times back in Fiji. It works well for us to create a mentality, a vision of going to the Olympics. Around how you manage yourself throughout the day and you play.”

Baber also said they’ll be staying in the island till they fly to Tokyo on Thursday this week. The team is also trying to climatize out side of Tokyo as they prepare for to defend their Olympic gold medal.

Baber added that the Fijian boys are focused on their goal as they prepare in their hotel. The Covid-19 situation has given them many restrictions on what they can do, but the coach remains unfazed.

The head coach is also aware that they have to balance being focused in isolation and having fun with in their camp.

Fiji 7s won the inaugural rugby Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil back in 2016. They were due to defend their gold medal last year but due to the pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics was postponed for a year. Fiji beat Great Britain in a display of dominance and perfect rugby five years ago at the Olympic Finals.

They impressed the world as an underdog nation, with their well known training in the sand dunes of Fiji and using the limited resources they had to prepare for their first Olympics. Five years later, Fiji is still considered underdogs due to their situation during the pandemic, but this doesn’t bother Baber at all.

Fiji is looking ready to take their second Olympic gold medal if all things go as planned for the Pacific nation.