Charlotte Caslick aiming for second gold

The 2016 Rio Olympic gold medalist Charlotte Caslick says she is aiming for another gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Australian Sevens star was recently featured in Australian Women’s Health magazine where she said she is going go the double gold medal.

Dubbed “the best women’s rugby sevens player on the planet” Caslick has been an important player for the Australian side the past few years as she continues to grow as a sevens player.

Caslick told the magazine:

“Being an athlete is living a childhood dream to me. I grew up loving sport and now I get to do it as a full-time career. I’m just so blessed to be able to do that and to be a woman doing it as well. When I was young, I didn’t have female role models to look up to who were professional athletes, but now you see them at the top of their field in so many sports. I’m really proud that I’m at the forefront of that movement.”  

The 26 year old is well aware of the expectations she has to make the country proud. She said no matter what tournament, no matter how big or small, wearing the Australian jersey will always carry the same weight.

Caslick mentioned that she has used the sound of the crows to build excitement and draw energy, but in Tokyo, spectators have recently been banned. Meaning, a much more quiet and dull stadium. She reassured fans that no matter the situation in Tokyo, she will still go out on the field and give her best to make her country proud.

Calsick also gave some words of wisdom through the magazine for all the young female players.

“My advice to young female athletes would be to do as many sports as you can while you’re young. I grew up doing a lot of athletics, cross-country, hockey and touch football. All of these sports led me to where I am and had a massive impact on my rugby career.”