Tokyo Olympics will have no fans on the stands

The Tokyo Olympic organizers have recently announced that no fans will be allowed in the stadiums for the entire Olympic tournaments.

This was a retraction from the original news that 10,000 fans were set to attend the Rugby even alone at the Tokyo Stadium.

Japan was declared under a “state of emergency” due to the Covid-19 cases still rising in the country.

The Tokyo Olympic Games will now officially be held behind closed doors as the  Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto announced their decision to push through with the limited format. She also apologized to the fans who have already bought their tickets for the games.

Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said it was an essential move to keep Tokyo save. The highly infections Delta Covid-19 variant has been spreading in the capital and is threatening another wave of infections.

“Taking into consideration the impact of the Delta strain, and in order to prevent the resurgence of infections from spreading across the country, we need to step up virus prevention measures,” Suga said.

Tokyo reported the most cases on Wednesday since May with 920 cases “The infections are in their expansion phase and everyone in this country must firmly understand the seriousness of it,” Dr Shigeru Omi said.

The decision to keep the games behind closed doors is a sad outcome for fans but a reasonable one considering the situation Tokyo is.

A majority of Japanese people still oppose to hosting the games under a pandemic.

“It’s really regrettable they haven’t been able to stamp out infections here,” said Keiko Otsubo, a woman in her 40s who works for an IT firm and had planned to watch the triathlon.

“If they’d been able to get vaccinations over earlier we could’ve been like America and other places, where everybody’s now going out to sports events just like normal.”

Rugby will be streamed for home viewing, as the government encourages people to stay home and not join or host any Olympic sports viewing in bars or karaoke places. This is one concern of the Japanese government that can further spread the already growing virus amongst their people.