Portia Woodman regains trust in her body

Portia Woodman has made a successful return  from injury and the pandemic. After her two and a half year absence from international rugby, she has managed to make a massive impact on the team as her performance is better than ever.

The superstar of the women’s game ruptured her Achilles in October 2018 where she had to overcome the mental and physical toll of having an injury nightmare.

Then there was the hamstring problem, this plagued the star for several months but was finally sorted out before the returned and played in Australia this May.

The 29 year old said she has finally regain the trust in her body after the lingering threat of a full tilt because of her injuries on her left leg.

“I’ve got that trust, and I feel like I’m peaking at the right time,” Woodman said in an interview.

“I’m nowhere near where I need to be, but I’m definitely a lot better than what I was.”

“It was huge for her. That personal journey she had been through and [wondering] was she still able to trust her body,” Coach Sweeney said.

“She’s going from strength to strength and got through those games in Auckland.”