Megan Jones and Celia Quansah talks about Olympics and being a couple

Great Britain sevens stars Megan Jones and Celia Quansah talk about rugby, their relationship and going to the Tokyo Olympic Games together.

BBC news was able to interview the ladies about their unique little situation as the couple will fly to Tokyo together and represent Great Britain

The far from ordinary couple eagerly waited for the emails to arrive in their home if on eor both have been selected for the Tokyo Olympics.

Nerves were high as they waited, Jones described her partner unpackin gher bag in an unusual way as a result of the nerves.

“I was like, ‘just chill out for a bit’,” Jones joked to BBC. “And she was like, ‘no I need to occupy my mind’.”

Quansah reportedly got her email before Jones, this meant an extra five minutes of Anxiety for Jones who was later on names co-captain along side Abbie Brown.

“I wanted to be like ‘oh my god’ and I couldn’t because Meg hadn’t seen the squad yet,” Quansah tells BBC Sport. “It was funny.”

Them wearing the jersey and representing in the Tokyo Olympics would be a ”very special” moment as at one point it was unsure whether Great Britain would be able to send both teams to the games.
Players were left jobless during the pandemic as the Rugby Football Union had to cut funding in July of 2020, good thing the National Lottery came in to support the team which secured they would be able to fly to Tokyo for the Olympics.

Great Britain was recently announced to be in Pool A for the Games. A tough pool to be in, as they will have to face the New Zealand Black Ferns who are hungry for gold after finishing with a silver in 2016. Russia and Kenya will also add to the pain in their pool as both teams are known for their physicality on the field.

This will be Jones second Olympic Games as she made the traveling reserve in the inaugural Rio Olympics in 2016. Great Britain lost to Canada in the battle for bronze, a finish that surely they will want to improve on.

Five years later and here is Jones, co-captain of the Great Britain team, a long way since being a reserve.

“We never spoke out about it initially but when we did the response was incredible,” says Quansah.

“Everyone was like this is amazing, you’re helping so many people by doing this.

“We didn’t even think about it before. If we can help one person feel like they can be themselves, it just makes you want to do it more.”

“There was never a thing of vocalizing coming out,” Jones explains.

“What we’re about is being authentic and true to who we are. You get heterosexual couples posting photos of each other on social media.

“All we’re doing is sharing our life on Instagram. It was never to be like ‘this is for the community’ but naturally it becomes like that anyway.

“We’re very proud and it helps that we’re both vocal about it. Speaking about things normalizes it – it’s as simple as that.”