Quest for Gold rugby 7s recap

Day one of the last practice match the Olympic teams in the competition, with hosts USA testing their players and game plan for their goal of a podium finish in Tokyo.

The games kicked off with the men’s teams as Great Britain and Argentina started the weekend games in Los Angeles.

Game one was an outstanding battle, which kept fans on the edge of their seats, Great Britain scored the first try of the tournament after a brilliant intercept by team GB in their own 5 mete mark.  The game was a great exchange of attacks for both teams, which returned tries after tries. Argentina eventually took the game at the final score at 21-19, beating Great Britain by one conversion.

Game two saw the hosts go against the Korean sevens team, USA started the game with four infringements in a row at the first minutes of the games. Which gave Korea the upper hand giving USA a scare as they had to defend meters away from their score line. A mistake from Korea shifted the game and gave the Eagles their first try. USA then dominated the rest of the tournament, beating Korea 42-7.

USA and Jamaica kicked off the women’s games with USA demolishing the Jamaican side 71-0. The Jamaican’s missed out on the Olympic repechage after some players missed their connecting flights from New York to Monaco. USA gets ready for the Olympic Games as they enter their final tournament before flying to Tokyo.

Great Britain and Mexico follow up the women’s games with another dominantly one sided game as GB smashed through the Mexicans 76-0. The final battle is looking more and more like a battle against Great Britain and hosts USA.

Back to the men’s games, we see another hair raiser match this time with USA against Great Britain, the two teams defend their line with heart as both teams try to punch through. In the end USA’s speed and power brings them home the win with 24-21 for final score.

Argentina and Korea then face off, with another miss matched tournament as the Argentine men shows the Asian that they are ready to rumble in Tokyo. Final score 49-0.

Back to the women’s games, Jamaica and Mexico face off, but Mexico’s in experience compared to the Jamaican side made an impact to the result. the Mexican were able to go over the white line twice but fell short to Jamaica 29-10.

The USA women and Great Britain then faced off, showing us a glimpse of the finals match for the Quest For Gold. USA stepped up their game and showed dominance against the Great Britain and finished the tournament 26-7.

USA vs the Argentine men showed the fans another close encounter as the two Olympic teams kicked off their test match for the Olympic Games. Argentina upset the host nation as they beat USA 12-19.

Great Britain and Korea then finished the day off with a dominant finish to the first day of the tournament. 54-5 in favor of Great Britain.

Day two of the Quest For Gold Will kick off on the 26th of June, stay Tuned for more results.