Black Ferns massive blow as Niall Williams is injured

A neck injury has just shocked New Zealand Rugby as the Black Ferns suffer a major loss. Niall Williams has been robbed of her second chance at an Olympic gold medal after suffering a neck injury. The 7s key player was left in tears after realizing that her Olympic dream is now over.
Niall was part of the 2016 squad that fought in the first ever Olympic rugby 7s women’s finals against Australia, New Zealand lost and went home with a silver medal. That devastating loss has since then pushed the squad to improve on their game, they have since then won two major events as result.
Williams took on social media to announce the news to fans and supporters in a brave and emotional post. The 7s legend shared an emotional video of her in tears as the Black Ferns perform the haka in her honor.

The mother of two has been an important player for the New Zealand side for many years and shared her emotional video to show people that athletes are also human. The reality that all athletes have to go through are injuries, high expectations and many more, she explained.

The squad of 16 will not be named until next Wednesday, this will then be further trimmed to 13 with three traveling reserves for the Tokyo Olympic Games in July. Williams was a big part of the playing squad for their Olympic campaign, but now, coaches will have to make arrangements in their line up.