Olympic Repechage final teams

The Olympic Repechage has all eyes on them as the event will determine the last three teams that will head to Tokyo for the Olympic Games.

Teams from around the world have flown in to Monaco for their last chance to qualify for the Olympic Games, two tickets will be given to the top two women’s teams and one will be given for the men’s side.

The crowd favorites for the weekend are both of the French teams, Ireland men and the Russian women. Its been an eventful weekend for everyone including the lucky 5,000 fans who where able to attend and watch from the bleachers.

The tournament kicked off with Mexico and Zimbabwe on June 18, we saw Zimbabwe win the first match of the tournament. Some teams have stumbled upon unfortunate circumstances such as Uganda men’s 7s who had a coronavirus outbreak in their team, which forced them to pull out. And the Jamaican women’s 7s who missed their connecting flight in New York, they were unable to make a team and had to withdraw.

All of the teams showed passion each game, it was amazing to see less experienced teams like Mexico playing with top teams from around the world. Some teams proved to still be naïve in a way as they make in experienced errors, this tournament will be the biggest learning experience for some of these teams.

Samoa was the team that fell short in the men’s finals in 2016, losing their chance at the Olympics to Spain. This year they fell short in the semi finals as Ireland beat them. The Russian women are the incoming runner ups as well from 2016,  losing to the Spanish women. This year, the Russians remained unbeaten and have once again reach the finals, this time against near by neighbors Kazakhstan.

There will be three finals competitions, with two women’s and one men’s, as there are three tickets to be given away for the Olympics.

Russia will be facing off with Kazakhstan first in their all or nothing battle. While crowd favorites and hosts France will follow with their match against another Asian powerhouse, Hong Kong, who had a winning streak until they lost to the French women. As a finale to the day, the men’s tournament will see France battle it out with Ireland. Both teams have been the favored teams for the men’s tournament, with the everything on the line, the last games are a do or die match for these teams.

In the next hours we will find out which teams will be able to keep their Olympic dreams alive and which ones will have to go home early.