Olympic repechage – day 1

The Olympic repechage has finally kicked off with three tickets up for grabs for two of the top women’s team and one for the top men’s team. The winners of this tournament in Monaco will get their seat in the highly anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in July.

Mexico kicked off the repechage as they battled it our with Zimbabwe on game 1, Mexico held an amazing defensive line as Zimbabwe struggled to break the line in the first few minutes of the game. The Mexicans finally get their hands on the ball but fail to put a try on the score board as the fumble the ball forward. This gives Zimbabwe’s Godfrey Magaramombe a chance to catch the Mexicans on their back foot as he scored the first try of the tournament. The Zimbabwe scrumhalf Mangongo makes an unlikely error getting a yellow card as the time ticks to end the first half. Mexican number 4 Chavez also joins him at the naughty chair before the buzzer beats.

In the second half both teams exchange kicks to try and gain some yards as both teams refuse to give up any inches for the other. But a simple pass through hands give Zimbabwe’s number 11, Sam Phiri a chance to add another five points on the scoreboard, with both conversions going in.  With almost a minute over time Zimbabwe choose to add to the scoreboard instead of kicking the ball out as their number 8, Munopa Muneta score their third try. Final score 21-0 for Zimbabwe.

Game 2 against Uganda and Jamaica was sadly cancelled as the Uganda 7s were forced to pull out of the tournament after testing positive for the Covid-19 virus in their camp in Monaco. Uganda was earlier reported to have had to leave their coach and two players behind before their flight as they also tested positive for the virus. A heartbreaking result for the team as they have to miss out this weekend after all the hard work they put in to prepare for the games.

Day two of the Monaco repechage will kick off June 19 with Samao going against Mexico at 9:28am.