Monaco Repechage kicks off day two

The last Olympic Repechage has kicked off with an outstanding performance from the men’s pool A teams. The Games kicked off yesterday with Zimbabwe and Mexico seeing Zimbabwe’s first win of the tournament at 21-0.

Today the games kicked off today with Samoa playing once again the Mexicans, with Samoa showing a great play of skills as their fairly young team beat Mexico. Game 3 saw Ireland 7s debut in an international tournament against Zimbabwe. The Irish looked crisp and ready as they ripped the Zimbabwe team in day two, Zimbabwe perform well on day one but couldn’t back up their game on day two. All eyes are on Samoa and Ireland for Pool A as they continue to dominate their pool.

France and Jamaica kicked off their pools games with France showing us why they are the favorite team for the men’s repechage. France beat Jamaica 40-0 as they start their current Olympic campaign, both French teams have to go through the repechage to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo after they narrowly qualified in the World standings.

Argentina and Mexico kicked off the Women’s tournament, Sofia Gonzalez of Argentina scores the first try for the women’s tournament in the first 30 seconds of the game. The Argentine women continued to dominate the match as they show their fellow south Americans that they came to Monaco for business with 36-0.

Second game for the women’s tournament brings in the other half of the favorites for the women’s, Russia, they went against the Samoan 7s for a very aggressive tournament. The Samoan captain showing an impressive cover tackle against Baizat Khamidova on the try line showed how much Samoa has improved over the years. Khamidova then shoots back with a a successful try after a quick tap near the five meter line. Russia came in their first showing teams that they are the team to beat this weekend, finishing off the Samoan’s 32-0.

More games are coming for the Olympic Repechage as 43 games are set to take place this weekend.