France go through Monaco for Olympic spot

Both the French men’s and women’s team will have to go through Monaco 7s to win a spot at the Tokyo Olympics Games.  Both teams narrowly qualified for the Tokyo Olympics at the World Series, but despite missing out, the are now in Monaco as the favorites for both sides.
The pressure for both teams intensifies as the games are now only days away with the men’s tournament kicking off on June 19 and the women a day later on June 20. The tournament will be played at the same venue at the Louis-II stadium in Monaco.
The French women have been on a roll winning at the HPC invitational 7s in England as Great Britain hosted the team along with Ireland.
The French men on the other hand might be in a bit of a sticky situation as Ireland beat them in the Great Britain hosted friendlies.
David Courteix the French women’s head coach remains confident despite the pressure behind their team to win. He also admits that Russia might be their toughest competition in the tournament this weekend.
Jerome Daret, the French 7s coach also has confidence in his teams abilities as he expects them to punch through for the final ticket to Tokyo. Daret believes that his team has three teams to worry about in the likes of Tonga, Samoa and the fast improving Irish squad. His teams focuses on their day to day task making sure they will perform better than the last.