PacificAus Sports Oceania Sevens draw release

The host nation of the 2021 Pacific Aus Sports Oceania Sevens will kick off the tournament as they battle it out with the defending  Olympic champions Fiji. Australia and Fiji will kick off the games on June 25 at Townsville’s Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

Oceania Rugby released the confirmed draw for the sevens tournament earlier today.

In the second match, we will see the All Blacks go out against the Oceania Barbarians, after that the women’s games will begin and close the opening session.

Oceania Rugby mentioned that they plan to mimic the Olympic format with their three day tournament, with each teams playing two matches a day. This means each team will face off with the other three teams twice and then who ever is the highest ranked team after all six matches, they will be declared champions.

All  the tournament matches are said to be played at Townsville’s Queensland Country Bank Stadium on June 25-27.

The Townsville 7s festival will fill in the gaps in between each sessions, the tournament is set to host multiple teams from matches ranging from U8s all the way up to senior men and women’s games.

The three day tournament will feature hosts Australia’s men and women’s Olympic team as the Australian women prepare to defend their Olympic gold medal. While the New Zealand All Blacks and Black Ferns come into the Olympic games looking for gold and not settling for any less after losing to the Australian women in the finals in 2016.

Fiji’s men and women’s team make up the third squad in the line up as the Fijian men look to get their first taste of international action since the pandemic. The Olympic gold medalist are aiming to finish with back to back gold medals for their nation in the coming Tokyo games. The Oceania Barbarians will fill in the fourth slot as they put on their boots to help these Olympic teams prepare for their campaigns.

This will be the first time all three international teams will face each other since the pandemic cancelled the Sevens Series. The last time all three teams where in the same field was in Vancouver Sevens in March of 2020.

Australia and New Zealand have had the privilege of playing six games against each other last month in Auckland as New Zealand hosted the friendlies to help each other gauge their squads. The New Zealand men’s and women’s team almost finished that tournament in perfect record, only being defeated by the Australian women once in the tournament.