China is getting ready for their first Olympic appearance

The China Women’s sevens rugby team has been preparing for the Olympic Games for over a year. The team qualified after beating Hong Kong at the Asian Regional qualifiers at their home soil.

With the countdown to the Tokyo Olympics getting closer and closer, the Chinese women has yet to be seen in an international tournament. Other Olympic teams have already participated in tournaments like Madrid 7s and Dubai 7s but China has yet to see international action and instead opts for a local tournament to prepare for the games.

China’s depth in their 7s and XVs program was put to great use as they hosted a domestic 7s tournament to help their Olympic squad prepare for the Tokyo Games.

Asia Rugby was excited to post photos of the women’s team competing in the local tournament as part of their intensive training camp for the Olympic Games. Asia Rugby has still been struggling to make a return as some Asian countries still struggle with the Covid-19 virus.

The Japanese women, like China, have not seen an international tournament since the pandemic broke out. Instead playing with their inter team pools and in their local leagues to get some game time before the hosts take the field in the Olympics.

Other Asian Olympic hopefuls are the Hong Kong women and the Kazakhstan women who are now in Monaco as they fight the top teams around the world who are still eyeing the last two tickets for the women’s rugby sevens tournament at the Olympic Games in Japan.

China has become an Asian powerhouse since their return, shocking the world when they played as wild cards at the Kitakyushu 7s in Japan. Catching teams like Ireland off guard as they performed beyond expectations.

China is set to compete in the Tokyo Olympics this July along side the hosts Japan, if Hong Kong and or Kazakhstan qualifies, Asia rugby will have three or four teams in representation at the World Games.