Harry McNulty makes a comeback for the Olympic Repechage

Harry McNulty is Ireland Sevens rugby’s most capped player in history, the legendary sevens player has returned to the national team ahead of their bid for the final Tokyo Olympics ticket in Monaco 7s.

The sevens star has been capped 48 times for the Irish sevens team and has made his return after Irish Rugby Football Union and his Major League Rugby club LA Giltinis made an agreement to let McNulty rejoin the national sevens team as they bid for a spot in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Anthony Eddy the Irish teams head coach has said that he approached the LA Giltinis to see if this could be a possibility.

Mr Eddy said in an interview: “We approached him, we also approached the club there in LA and they were happy to release Harry for the Olympics which is fantastic and very nice of them to do.”

And thanks to that talk, McNulty will now officially be part of the squad for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games if they win in Monaco.

This will be one amazing way to cap off one of the best Irish players  career in the Ireland Sevens program.


The stars club in America saw this as a great opportunity for the legendary Irish sevens star.

“Hopefully, he gets what he deserves,” concluded Eddy.

McNulty is one of the long list of international players who moved to America to make the switch to rugby union.

Head Coach, Eddy sees this as a win and one of the successful aspects of the Irish Sevens program.

The experience rugby coach said he believes that rugby sevens is a good platform for players in their rugby union careers. He also added that it was great to see that the country’s rugby union side has been seeing its benefits in the sevens program.

“There will be plenty more to come in the future.”