Dennis Ombachi gives back to street children

Former rugby sevens star turned chef, Dennis Ombachi has impressed and inspired netizens as they follow him with his initiative to fee street families with expensive and delicious food.

Ombachi, now 30 years old is one of Kenya rugby’s sevens superstar in his time. He made the squad for Kenya’s debut in the first ever rugby sevens Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio, Brazil. He was also part of the squad that was featured in the Rugby World Cup Sevens back in 2013 in Russia.

Through the Good Kenyan Foundation, the ex sevens star has been inspiring the youth and mentoring them as eh empowers the underprivileged kids to a better life. He has been guiding them to transition into college and Universities and entry level job, or even helping kids start up micro enterprises.

He says that the organization has helped over 120 young locals and empowered them despite their circumstances since 2017.

Ombachi was filmed as he prepared chapatis and chicken stew, with a garden backdrop for the families. Netizens were impressed by his effort and his master cooking skills.

The rugby player wishes to touch and transform underprivileged lives “In the end, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back. A simple comfort food recipe that can feed and please a crowd!”

“To celebrate Good Kenya Foundation fourth birthday, we have birthday boxes to gift your loved ones, hand made by the youth and filled with products from supportive brands,” he wrote on his Twitter handle.

Julie Gichuru, a celebrated media personality praised the chef for his initiative as he leads the nation by example.

“Incredibly in so many ways. So much to learn from this. Thank you for your work and the learning that we get from this,” Gichuru wrote.

A social media user also took the opportunity to ask Ombachi a few things.

“What was the creamy stuff you added to the chicken? And how did you get started? With the feeding station idea? I want to begin. I am just scared to do it alone. Blessings from Uganda,” she said.

Another curious fan asked about how Ombachi intends to sell the food to provide for underprivileged “This is amazing. Have you ever thought of selling that which you made maybe to construction workers, matatu drivers, nurses on the go or the like and then the money made to help feed the needy? It could be a great investment. Either way, impressive,” she tweeted.