Urgent call for Lion Heart rugby team

News broke out that someone who has tests positive of the coronavirus has just recently played at the Malomalo 7s in Lawaga Park in Sigatoka last month. Officials and teams have since then been reaching out to players who participated and family members or friends who’ve made contact, in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

The recent urgent call was made by members of the Lion Heart 7s rugby  team who recently competed in the Malomalo 7s. They call out both players and people who may know of people who participated in the event to step forward.

Dr. James Fong the Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary broke the news to the nation this evening during their daily press briefing regarding the Covid-19 situation.

He said that their efforts to do contact tracing was working and has worked in all cases except this event.

The Malomalo 7s rugby tournament kicked off in April 16 and ended in April 17, the Lion Heart’s team is said to be fully accounted for in the tournament.

Fong also mentions that the Lion Heart squad stayed in a hostel possibly having to trace the other people who check in at the time they were there.

“This team – Lion Heart – shared a hostel and played with our case number 98, so it is vital we locate all of their players and any other persons who closely interacted or travelled with the team,” Dr Fong said.

Officials urge people who made contact with anyone from the tournament to step forward as well as if they know anyone who did.

“If you play for this team, or know someone who plays for this team, please call 158 right now.”

It’s important to end the circle of the virus spreading early on before it become too hard to trace and too wide to contain.