Bryan Habana talks about the history of his jersey collection

Bryan Habana has done it all, the winger played for both the South African 7s and XVs that’s why its no surprise  that his trophy laden career contains some interesting fairytale like stories for fans. The best story is the one that is about how he fell in love with the sport.

World Rugby has produced the Jersey Tales,  a YouTube series that will feature Habana for its second episode. He takes fans to the stories of his King Edward VII u14 G team days to the Rugby World Cup glory days.

Habana, believe it or not was not set to play rugby in the beginning, the joint record try scorer in the Rugby World Cup history. It was only until the Rugby World Cup 1995 in South Africa that the young superstar was introduced to the game. A chance encounter with the Springbok captain Francois Pienaar on the eve of the tournament would change his life forever.

“My dad got me into understanding how big this Rugby World Cup that was going to be played in South Africa was,” he said to World Rugby.

“At the Springboks’ last training session before going into camp for the Rugby World Cup, after training, waiting outside to get autographs, Francois Pienaar called three of us aside — and in those days it was still very amateurish, so he said, ‘Listen, you guys are going to help me’.

“And, we were like, OK, what’s that all about? He said, ‘You’re going to help me carry my bags and gear to my car’.

“So, here’s a 12-year-old, very skinny Bryan Habana taking Francois Pienaar’s warm-up bag to the car, and as we got to the car he said, ‘Gentleman, thank you very much’ and he took out an item of clothing for each and everyone of us.

“And, I got a Springbok training jersey that I got to wear for about five to six years.”

That experience helped the 12 year old seal his dream of becoming a great rugby player, watch the entire episode above for more details and fun facts about the Rugby World Cup champion!