Possible contamination of the Covid-19 virus in Malomalo 7s

Reports have announced that Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary Dr James Fong has been urging players who participated in the Malomalo 7s to contact their office for cross contamination.

Dr Fong has said that the brother in law of the patient case number 98, whose brother in law played rugby in a team that competed at the Malomalo 7s at Lawaga Park Sigatoka on April 16-17, 2021. The Ministry of health has since then been trying to urge people who have participated to call 158 to help them contain the possible outbreak.

“Working with the coaches at the tournament, we’ve contacted most of those he may have had contact with – however, there are still some missing pieces,” Dr Fong said.

The two clusters of Covid-19 in Ra are yet to be unlinked to other existing cases. Fong says that they have also called on to players and officials of the Malomalo 7s tournament.

He also added that one of these two cases are directly linked to the two cases in which the quarantine facility in Nadi was breached.  That this may be a rippling effect from an individual in Ra who attended a funeral where a speared was reported.

The Fijian official urges people to contact them if they are these persons or if know anyone who was there.

Doctor Fong says they are waiting for the results from Melbourne, Australia, to confirm the genetic link in other local cases in the country.

He hopes this guides them to their investigation to another link with another chain of transmission.

He says people should adopt the Covid-safe habit not just when their are events but although out the year to make sure that the spread does not continue in the country. This measure must be kept by all individuals in the country.

He says one of the sources points to a stem from case number 91, the patient from Makoi.

Case number 98 who is said to have played in a rugby competition is now being contacted and officials are working on contacting the coaches at the tournament. The ministry has said that they have contacted most of those who were most likely who had contact with the positive case.

Doctor Fong is calling on the players who participated in Malomalo 7s to contact the ministry to help stop the spread.