Conrad Piri wants to be a great role model

Conrad Piri wants to be the best role model for the next generation of Cook Islanders.

Piri said in an interview that he was “surprised and grateful” to be awarded his second Sportsman of the Year award.

The rugby star went home to Cook Island last march from Australia’s Gold Coast for his son’s 21st birthday. I was initially only meant to be a short trip, but the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and he wasn’t able to go back to Australia not till February this year.

Hi extended stay in his home town meant he was able to participate in local games where he earned many medals and the Sportsman of the Year title. He played for any different sports including; volleyball, netball, touch, handball and league.

He was also recognized as a great coach and mentor for the younger generation.

“be the best role model for my family and the next generation of Cook Islanders, to share and develop skills physically and mentally”.

“Just from my point of view, just when I watch rugby or league or even netball and stuff, I think we could develop our kids better.

“When I watch the game now there’s not much technical things being taught,” Piri said.

He wants to create smarter players, helping them with their game IQ.

He is now back in the Gold Coast with his daughter and 22 year old son as he works in the construction industry while his kids are on vacation before going back to the university.

“It’s been tough because you don’t get to see your little ones growing up.

“Thank God for the vehicles of Messenger or Facetime … it’s good to see them but yeah, it’s just not the same, it’s not the same as giving them a hug goodnight or seeing them off to school.”

Piri last left Australia after his now 7 year old daughter was born.

Piri won his first sportsmanship award 13 years ago at the age of 27.

Piri won the awards in 2007 playing multiple sports including winning gold in Rugby 7s, touch rugby, athletics and basketball.