Stacey Flood will excel in XVs as much as she did in 7s

Stacey Flood is a talent that will bring more success to the Irish squad in many ways.

Eve Higgins started in all three Ireland games in the Women’s Six Nations alongside the experienced Sene Naoupu and Stacey Flood who made her XVs debut.

Flood was named player of the match as she dawned excellent number 10 skills in her games.

“With Sevens she is one of the best in the world and hopefully now with 15s, you can see how she is transitioning, she is just getting better in every single game. I’m just really looking forward to seeing more games and more from her,” said Higgins,

“I went to Railway Union when I was 14 and Stacey I think was 17. She had only kind of started playing rugby then, she was only a few months in. We got to play one youth game together before she was over 18.

“When I was brought into the Sevens camp I was training away with her. She is definitely someone I looked up to when I was in Railway at the time. She had just started playing rugby and then she was travelling the world with Sevens. It was something I wanted to do, representing my country.

“Stacey is the type of player that will look the playbook a thousand times over, ask the questions and isn’t shy asking the questions. She is someone who grows in every single match she plays and she improves. Yeah, she is a great player and I’m looking forward to seeing her with even more games under her belt.”

“I think it was tough coming in, I had watched 15s growing up and that was all I watched when I was a kid, but it’s completely different when you’re in that role,” said Higgins, who won 20 Ireland Sevens caps.

“Especially playing at 13 there is a lot defensively that you have to work on. I probably hammered Ciaran our defensive coach a lot with clips throughout training.

“I think there was definitely a lot of positives for us. The World Cup qualifier is next. We have a lot of improvements to do but I think we’ll be happy enough with some of the stuff we have done and the young players coming through, that we are tighter as a group now.”