New Zealand stars strip down for a cause

“men checking their balls every month” for Testicular Cancer is the new tone of the ad campaign featuring the All Blacks

The Remundies campaign bring a different approach for cause to prevent any diseases. The ad campaign was conceptualized by FCB NZ and produced in partnership with their innerwear brand Jockey, and Farmers.

Testicular Cancer NZ commissioned the campaign to raise awareness around testicular cancer, its the most common form of cancer affecting men between the ages 18-39. Testicular Cancer NZ is a part of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, the sole charity leading the charge on male-specific cancers in the country says the reports.

The hero in this story is Remundies, a range of Jockey underwear that will communicate with their clients regularly to remind the to check for signs of the disease each month.

And to make is go viral the campaign called on the All Blacks and All Blacks Sevens stars to help them the more “eyeballs” as they stripped down for the commercial.

The campaign

“Our big challenges have always been raising awareness of the disease and educating people about the importance of early detection.”  says Shares Paul Hayes, marketing and fundraising manager, Testicular Cancer NZ,

The brief creates a constant reminder that lives beyond the campaign, says Hayes, “Now every time an owner gets out of the shower and see their Remundies, it’ll remind them for a quick feel to make sure everything is as it should be, along with receiving some whacky monthly reminder messages”. The idea is to educate men on the signs of testicular caner by doing a quick self check.

“Creating a physical product that can live beyond the campaign period to remind the target audience to check up on themselves, was was key for us”, explain Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall.