Ellia Green knows how to get her way

Ellia Green one of Australia Rugby’s top try scorers in the sevens circuit  says she knows how to sniff out a try.

The Olympic gold medalist in 2016 shared her hilarious story  with Stand Sport’s Rugby Heaven on how she stalked and talked her way into 50 Cent’s Dubai hotel suite.

Green is set to defend their Olympic gold in Tokyo this July as they prepare. The Australian squad was in the UAE for the Dubai 7s back in 2015 when she got word that the American hip hop legend was staying in the same hotel they were.

“Long story short, I ended up asking the ladies at reception for Curtis Jackson (50 Cent’s real name),” Green told the intrigued Rugby Heaven panel.

“I was like ‘he’s my mate, Curtis, he’s in tower B, I need to give him these tickets to the Dubai Sevens, I need to deliver them to the door.’

“So she’s like ‘oh, Mr Curtis Jackson, yeah sure, he’s in room 400 and something in tower B.’ That’s literally as easy as it was because a lot of the workers didn’t know the scale of how famous he was, when I said Curtis Jackson.

“So I basically just went to the lift and I was very smooth, I’ve watched a lot of movies about how to get up to people’s levels without a key.

“I saw a really well dressed man in a suit and said ‘oh, I must have left my key in the room again,’ and he was like ‘oh, don’t worry, I’ll swipe.’ It was as simple as that.”

Her moves got her closer to her target and she her self had an entourage with her.

“I had a camera woman which was Chloe Dalton and I had back up security on call which was ‘Huawei,’ Amy Turner,” Green explained.

“She was waiting on the phone for when I got in the room to prove that that room was dialing, because they knew what room he was in.”

And now.

“I knocked on the door and my heart was beating fast because I was about to bust out 21 Questions,” Green said, before revealing a slightly unsavory plot twist.

“Basically I got there and you don’t want to know what I found on the floor. Let’s just say it was a rubber of some kind.”

“It’s a very proud achievement.”