Jerry Tuwai ready for Tokyo

Jerry Tuwai the former Fiji 7s skipper, knows that all eyes are on him as the national team prepares to defend their Tokyo Olympic in Japan this July.

The world’s best rugby 7s player says he is grateful for the opportunity God has given him to showcase his talent.

“As defending champion, the pressure is enormous and I can recall back in 2016 how we played, and for me it’s still 7s rugby,” he said.

“Even though it’s the Olympics it’s still 7s rugby. The game hasn’t change, only the venue changes for me and there is a lot of expectations and it come with a lot of responsibilities.

“For the past few months preparation has been going well and for the new boys they have been coping well and I hope that the bond we have is enough to take us through in Japan.”

Tuwai has had many accolades including, a Rio Olympic Games 7s gold medal and the 2019 World Rugby 7s Player of the Year award, He puts his country above anything to bring back anothe rgold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Tuwai also added his vision for the game and how he sees the Fiji jersey which is important to him and to his teammates.

“I told the players, wearing the jersey is not a job, it’s a commitment and a responsibility many young Fijian players dream when growing up is to one day don this jersey.

“We have been given the opportunity to carry on the legacy of former players who have given their lives to wear this jersey.

“For me when I retire I want to put this jersey somewhere where it will always remind me of the sweat and hard work I went through to be able to wear the jersey.

“It is not easy to represent your country, it takes blood, sweat and heart of a lion,” Tuwai said.