Romane Ménager to start against England

The sevens star fresh from the Emirates Invitational 7s in Dubai has been announced that she will be starting at number 8 tomorrow against England.

Romane Ménager is their only change in the starting line up from the game against Ireland where France looked like they are in prime shape.

Ménager was an impact player from the bench in their last match against Ireland where they took the 56-15 victory. The sevens star missed their fist round and second after she was busy with her sevens duties in Dubai. But France has since then called upon their sevens players to strengthen their XV’s side.

The other half of the French sisters will be starting at number 8 in place of Emeline Gros.

Laure Sansus will be starting at scrum half and will link up with Caroline Drouin who has also been pulled from the sevens line up to add to the French spark. Drouin’s kicks have been phenomenal and will surely be of great importance in their match against England, specially with Emily Scarratt as their kicker, every score will count.

Caroline Boujard, their top try scorer will also start in the back three along with Cyrielle Banet and the young sevens sensations Emilie Boulard who has been turning heads in the XV’s format.

Jade Ulutule and Carla Neisen are also expected to bring in their extensive experience in the center, Neisen also returns from Dubai as they pair from the midfield.

Ménager is joined in the back row of the pack by skipper Gaëlle Hermet and sevens Olympian Marjorie Mayans in the back row. Mayans was named Player of the Match in their last feature against Ireland.

Their bench is as impressive as they’re starting with a World Rugby Player of the Decade Jessy Trémoulière and second row Lenaïg Corson, who has also spent some time with the sevens squad in the past.

Participating teams have all seemed to call on their sevens stars for help as they move on their XV’s campaign.

France team: 15. Emilie Boulard, 14. Caroline Boujard, 13. Carla Neisen, 12. Jade Ulutule, 11. Cyrielle Banet, 10. Caroline Drouin, 9. Laure Sansus, 1. Annaëlle Deshaye, 2. Agathe Sochat, 3. Rose Bernadou, 4. Madoussou Fall, 5. Safi N’Diaye, 6. Marjorie Mayans, 7. Gaëlle Hermet (c), 8. Romane Ménager

Replacements: 16. Laure Touyé, 17. Maïlys Traoré, 18. Clara Joyeux, 19. Lenaïg Corson, 20. Coumba Diallo, 21. Pauline Bourdon, 22. Morgane Peyronnet, 23. Jessy Trémoulière