Fiji will defend Olympic gold medal with a younger squad

“We have a relatively young national rugby 7s training squad for the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan” a senior team official was quoted by reports.

Naca Cawanibuka, the Fijian Rugby strength and conditioning head coach has said this was if we compared the current squad with the team that won the gold medal back in 2016 at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He said the historic squad in 2016 had hundreds of international tournaments amongst themselves  if combined.

“When we compare that to this squad, we’ve a really young side,” Cawanibuka said in reports.

He then added that most players in the current squad have yet to play in any international 7s tournaments. Because of this, Cawanibuka says they will use every experience that exists in the group.

“The coaching staff, medical staff and even some of the experienced players who had fought many battles wearing the white jersey,” he said.

Cawanibuka said that they have put a lot of hard work in making sure they review their players’ performance.

“It’s attention to detail where we view the players and how they are performing,” he said.

“We are zooming in on almost every single movement they make on the field.

“This is not only at tournaments they play in, but also on every training session we have.

“We track the players, use GPS analysis, how fast they are moving and all of these (data) are recorded.”

He added that since they didn’t have nay international competitions prior to the Olympic Games, they will be basing their selection on how the would like to play in Tokyo.

“There were no international tournaments from last year. Players had to do their own training because of the lockdown,” he said.

“Then they were given the opportunity to have a taste of fifteens rugby and they played in the Skipper Cup.

“Then came the Super Sevens Series (four tournaments) with the last tournament to be played in May.”

“The body can only take so much. We’re not perfect but we have to get on with it,” he said.

“The Fiji 7s team is the people’s team so we are calling on everyone to join us in this journey,” he added.