Luxembourg rugby prepares for Rugby Europe men’s 7s

This past weekend, the Luxembourg men’s national rugby team held their first high performance camp since the pandemic struct at the Stade Henri Funk in preparation for their unsure season and campaigns.

This is their first time being together again since November of 2019 when they played against Sweden and won by 13 points.

Before entering camp they had a mandatory rapid Covid test for each player, and once they test negative, they then were allowed to enter their Covid “bubble”. All the players and management staff were not allowed to leave the bubble and were only allowed to be in the hotel and on the training pitch at the Stade Henri Funk.

A 40 man camp was introduced to their all new French coaching and management staff.

The new French coaching duo of Michel Frachat and Fabien Guillot have said to intend to bring in a new sense of fluidity in the game to which was well received by the players. This allowed for a positive response from the players and gave the the camp a great atmosphere of excitement and optimism. The coaching duo hopes they can continue to progress over the next few months.

The new management hopes to field a whole new national stadium towards the end of the year.  However, for now their only scheduled competition are the Rugby Europe Men’s 7s  Trophy tournaments in Zagreb and Budapest this summer, they have no other certain competitions under way. The Roude Leiws group will be having another camp to attend in mid May as they prepare further for these competitions.