James Doleman is off to Tokyo

James Doleman is set for the Tokyo Olympic Games in July, the Otago referee was announced as one of the 22 match officials chosen by World Rugby to take charge of the Sevens tournament at the Olympic Games.

Fellow New Zealanders Lauren Jenner and Selicia Winiata were also called up on to officiate the games.

Doleman has been quoted as saying that he is excited for the opportunity given to him and is looking forward to the event.

He has also had his own practice sessions as a referee when he was involved in refereeing some New Zealand teams when both the Men’s and Women’s national squad had some practice games among them selves in wellington earlier this month.

His last appearance in the international sevens ring was during the Sydney Sevens tournament, where he officiated the men’s finals match against South Africa and the Olympic gold medalists Fiji.

Since then the games have been put on hold due to the pandemic and border closures.

in Europe the games are set to take place once again in Monaco, as the last qualifiers for the Olympic Games will go under way this June, but Doleman is said to not be involved in those games.

He has also said that he will continue to referee Super Rugby matches as there is not a whole lot of difference in officiating Sevens rugby and Super Rugby Matches.


“The adjustment needed between sevens and Super Rugby is not that great. It is the same space and the same game,” he said in a n interview.

“In sevens it is just faster.

“There is more space as there are less players and it is more intense in terms of
time you have to make a decision.”

“Refereeing at that level is about the ability to deal with the big moments and I’ve had plenty of practice with that in Super Rugby.

“We have to operate in a high-pressure environment in sevens and that is pretty much what we are doing in Super Rugby at the moment.”