Olympian Phil Burgess announces his retirement

Phil Burgees was a member of the England Sevens squad since 2013-2014 season, before that he was playing for the Cornish Pirates,  Burgees was also a member of the first ever Great Britain squad  in the inaugural Rugby event at the Olympic Games in Rio back in 2016.

Burgess made his HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series debut in the Gold Coast in October 2013 and passed 50 tournaments at the 2019 HSBC London Sevens. The Superstar was well liked by his teammates and management staff.

The 32 year old is also a silver medalist at the Rugby Sevens World Cup in 2018, he also has a bronze medal for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.  Since his debut he has earn himself 60 Sevens caps from the England and Great Britain squad.

Last summer he moved on to coaching school rugby  for the Cranleigh School’s XV’s squad. he was also supposed to play for the Tokyo Olympics but has announced that he will now return to the school and start the academic school year.

Burgess said in a post by England Rugby: “We are all delighted that the National lottery funding has enabled a GB program to be introduced. I’ve taken part in the early GB camps and it’s great to have been back with the team. However, the distance from home to Loughborough as well as the camp nature means balancing rugby and family life can be difficult.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always prided myself on doing my best in everything I do professionally and personally – on the pitch, in the gym, in analysis sessions, as a husband and as a father.

“As a group, GB have spoken a lot about the values of trust, enjoyment, togetherness, resilience. Although I’m stepping down from playing, I will still be backing the team and hope I can contribute in some way.

“I have two young sons. If I decided to carry on with the program, I feel it would be unfair on everyone, unfair on my wife Francesca and my children because of the time away but also for the team as I wouldn’t be able to be the best that I can.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my playing career and am grateful for the opportunities but more importantly the friendships and relationships I’ve made. I’ve been fortunate to be part of special teams and they are memories I’ll cherish forever.

“The final mention goes to all the coaches, management teams and team-mates I’ve worked and played with over the years. Their support and unwavering dedication and commitment has been a huge factor in our collective success. I wish everyone in the GB program the very best.”

Charlie Hayter, GB Sevens team leader said: “Phil has enjoyed a hugely successful career – both in XV’s and 7s. He has always been a major part of any team’s success wherever he has played, and has added value both on and off the pitch.

“In a sevens shirt, Phil has been consistently one of the standout players for England and Great Britain. Reaching 60 caps is one thing, but taking home a medal from the Rio Olympics, Sevens World Cup and Commonwealth Games on top of this is something few people can say. We wish Phil and his family all the best moving forward.”