Amee Leigh Murphy Crowe makes her XVs debut

Ireland sevens sensation Amee-Leigh Murphy Crowe has finally step foot on the XV’s field last night against France.

Murphy Crowe was set out to be an impact player as she stepped out of the bench to bring in her 7s skills for the squad on the wing. The speedster had little time with the ball as she and her teammates were under constant French pressure.

The sevens stars debut was cut short after a yellow card decision was given to the speedster. A passive but high tackle on Caroline Boujard had to be studied to make sure that the safety of the game was intact. Match Official Sara Cox deemed the tackle as a dangerous play, as Murphy Crowe lazily didn’t make an effort to lower her body before the two collided, leading to Murphy Crowe’s shoulder making contact with Boujard’s chin.

This led the Irish sevens speedster to take the naughty chair in her debut which led the Ireland side one woman down for 10 mins. Ireland seemed to be playing under frustration and were giving away unnecessary penalties, although France was kept them under strong pressure the whole game, Ireland still managed to give away penalties for little things that showed their frustration.

The TMO Officials agreed with Sara Cox’s decision as she explained why she thought it deserved a yellow card.

This surely would be a disappointing start for Murphy Crowe’s XV’s career but no doubt a long career as she still proved to be of big help for the Irish backline.

Murphy Crowe is one familiar face in the Ireland squad for the past few years in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series as she leads her team to strong finishes against other top sevens teams in the world.

Stacey Flood was another stand out player, using her experience and grace under pressure as she shined in their final game against the French.