Fiji last 7s series to be hosted by Lautoka

This month will be the fourth and final leg of the 2021 Fiji Rugby Union Super 7s Series at Churchill Park in Lautoka says the Fiji Rugby. This will be happening at the end of the month and will feature some of Fiji’s greatest rugby 7s stars.

Sale Sorovaki the Fiji Rugby Union operations manager has said that they are already planning for the last leg of the series.

He said in an interview. “The two-day tournament would be held on Friday April 30 and May 1,” the former national 15s captain said.

“The managers’ meeting would be held on Thursday, April 29, at Churchill Park.”

Sorovaki has said that the past three tournaments of the series has un earthed a lot of new talents for team Fiji.

“The eye for talent identification has never stopped and the FRU is keeping tabs on the new talents unearthed during the series which was basically the sole reason for adopting such a concept. We have an abundance of local talented rugby players and it’s about identifying and moulding them to represent the country in either 7s or 15s.”

Sixteen teams are set to participate in the last leg of the Super 7s Series, with Bukuya rugby as there is a new addition to the tournament line up.

Although the Police Blue team has unofficially won the series by merit of winning all previous three tournaments and leads the pack of 16 with 66 points. Pio Tuwai has also coached the LAR Barbarians to come in second with 45 points.

Raiwasa Taveuni makes up the top three spots with 44 points on the leaderboard, the crowed favorites are only one point behind the LAR Barbarians and will make for an interesting battle for second place in the final leg.

All eyes have been on Fiji men’s team as they prepare to defend their Olympic gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games this July.

While in the women’s side, Australia has been under the microscope and have been preparing in their own local leagues, as the countdown to the games are now under 100 days.