Ireland’s Grace Moore, 7s to 15s pathway

Grace Moore is one of the 5 uncapped players for the Irish side for their XV’s team this Women’s Six Nations,

Moore has been excited about the new opportunities and camps that have open their doors for her, and to be able to get her shot to put her best foot forward in the larger stage was something she really enjoyed.

She told the reporter in the video of the Women’s Six Nations about her adjustments in the last couple of months as she made the switch “the last couple of months, have been like a whirlwind… but in a good way” she smiled it off.

also adding her gratitude towards IQ Rugby. “The IQ Program has got me where I am today,”

Moore added how she began her career with the national team, being invited after she was spotted playing for Justice 7s. She made her entry in the Ireland 7s squad and has played in tournament in several tournament including Dubai

“My involvement with the XV’s has come from being in with the Sevens and every camp, every moment and every opportunity has been absolutely amazing. It’s your dream as a rugby player to get to this international stage and have the opportunity to train with role models and be in this environment.”

Steve McGinnis the forwards head coach also spoke highly of Moore in the interview saying they spotted her potential while she played in the 7s circuit and identified that they had to give her the opportunity to play XVs. He also added that she has been working really hard and has come a long way and has earn herself a spot in the squad.

Ireland finished strong as they abolished the Welsh team, but France wont be as easy to beat, France have some Women’s Six Nations Cup championships on their under their belt and is favorite for the finals against England. Ireland will need to fix their unforced errors during the Welsh game if they want to  have the ball in hand as the French side will be more aggressive and will be there to give them pressure all through out the game.