Perry Baker new update

Perry Baker broke his left fibula last month in the Madrid 7s in Feb, after a cover tackle from the Kenyan as he breaks away. He has been busy with rehab so he can make his return in time for the Tokyo Olympic Games that will open in July 23.

“I was running, got caught up underneath me and just popped it,” Baker in an interview.

“The doctors told me that it’s nothing serious. Put a little pin it, and I’ll be fine. I’ll be back. So, actually, I’m walking right now. He told me, at the end of this month, I should be running.”

The Olympic roster is expected to be announced this June or early July.

Bakers lower leg injury was not disclosed by the USA Rugby,  Baker has been playing full time rugby after  being cut from the Philadelphia Eagles as their wide receiver, he failed in their physical exam over a torn meniscus in 2011 and joined the national team in 2014 at the age of 27 .

he has been an important roster for for the USA Rugby since then, He also made the team who played in the first ever Olympic Games as Rugby was introduced in 2016 in Rio, Brazil. But baker was bench in the last minute at the group rounds against Fiji and they lost by one tie breaking point.

Baker was also the first player to be awarded the World Player of the Year award for the next two years. In 2019 he also help the USA to a program best finishing second in the season long World Series standings.

The USA ranked in the lowest spot in the final standing, their lowest since 2014.

The Eagles men’s and women’s teams went to Madrid two months ago to play their first rugby game since the the pandemic broke out nearly one year ago. That’ where USA speedster broke his leg as they prepared for the Olympic Games, but Baker has since been optimistic about his return just in time for the Olympic games.

“The doctors told me I’m super strong,” he said with a smile.

He has also been posting on social media about his efforts to get back on the field.