Maggie Alphonsi impressed by Emily Scarratt’s performance

England has sealed their spot in the Women’s Six Nations after defeating Italy in Parma this weekend.

Meg Jones was picked the Player of the Match award after they butchered the Italian side. Jones was noted to have brought her Sevens mindset to the field as the Red Roses inside center, where she was said to have played almost like a winger in the inside. Her hunger for the ball kept her with consistent line breaks  and her aggressiveness in defense was also commended. A good team would have a vast number of quality players for one shirt and England is one example for that, the No. 12 jersey.

Sarah Hunter also made a comeback, good to see she didn’t enjoy her time being England’s water girl in the first round. Her first game in the competition was like she never left.

Emily Scarratt the former Olympic captain of Great Britain, also got a nod from Alphonsi, Scarratt’s experience and quick reaction to the Italians mistake gave her the opportunity to get of he mark quickly, playing heads up rugby. And her Kicking ability was on point, the consistency of her kicks was outstanding, from aim to distance, she didn’t let her team down to add those two points.

It’s great to see a lot of sevens stars making headlines in the bigger format, France and Ireland have also used some of their sevens regulars like Marjoie Mayans and Amee-Leigh Murphy-Crowe who used their sevens skills to help put some speed in their XV’s squads.

Some players have had to make a choice to either concentrate on the Women’s Six Nations this month or commit to their Olympic 7s teams campaign to get game ready before the Tokyo Games in July. With recent event it’s exciting to see which teams did it best to keep them ready for the 2021 season while countries where on lockdown during the pandemic outbreak.