The All Blacks 7s are back in action

As the women’s competitions for the Black Ferns come to an end, the men’s side still has the finals to go and it is set to take place in the Sky stadium in Wellington. The men’s team has been divided into two teams, the All Blacks Sevens Black and the All Blacks Sevens White and also invited teams like, Tonga Invitational and Samoa Barbarians.

The finals is set to take place with the All Blacks Sevens White against their counterpart the All Blacks Sevens Black  this Sunday, April 11, 2pm and 5:30pm.

The All Blacks Sevens White took home the win for the first final game, leading the team 17-0 at the final buzzer. Vilimoni Koroi’s in the white kit took home the easy win from Tom Mikkelsen’s team in black. The round robin games first took place in Hataitai Park, Wellington, April 8-9, along with the Black ferns teams, now the games have moved up the men’s finals to the big stadium.

Sky sport NZ are set to broadcast the second finals this 5:30pm, stay tuned as we watch one of the most favorite rugby teams play as they prepare for the Olympic Games.

You can also, check out the All Blacks Sevens on their social platforms as they share to fans some game day action and behind the scenes photos of the tournament.