Last day in Dubai kicks off

The women’s games kicked for the last hurrah of the Emirates Invitational 7s, the tournament that’s meant to warm teams up before their Olympic campaigns brings them on the big stage has shown us some big improvements in all of the teams games. Each of the teams improves after every leg, proving the vent is a success.

Players have also Expressed their excitement for the Games like Bianca Farella and Lauren Doyle. Are the team ready for the Olympics and the las Olympic qualifiers?

The last day of the tournament kicked off with the women’s games featuring last weekends champions, Canada vs the fast rising French side. Last week Canada was able to demolish the French team with a comfortable lead, showing that Canada was the most prepared for the quality games ahead in Dubai.

France and Canada women’s put on an outstanding match this morning as France kicked off the games. France showed the Canadians how tough they can be in defense, not letting the Canadians gain any yards in the first minute and eventually forcing an error. The French ladies were given an opportunity to do a set play from a lineout, but botch the throw as it was not straight. Canada chooses to do a scrum but lose it to the French ladies,  Anne-Cecile Ciofani is given a chance to burn the Canadian team on the wing but veteran Brittany Benn does a perfectly executed jocky to contain the speedster and takes her off the field. The two teams battle it out like its the Championship game, but a scrum rewarded to the French gave Olympian Camille Grassineau a chance to do a switch with try machine Coralie Bertrand, first try goes to France.

France kicks the ball a little bit too hard and it goes out of bounds, Canada does a quick tap in the middle but is quickly shut down by the French defenders. And its Bertrand again who spots an opportunity to score as the Canadians over track and leave a gap for the try machine, France is two for two in their conversions. At the restart France forces Canada to another error and is rewarded a scrum, leaving Canada with little time to make any moves to score, the French take full control of their set play and opens, once again Bertrand on the wing for try number three. Canada finally gets a chance to attack the French defense but after several failed attempts to get out of their half of the field, Charity Williams attempts to do a grubber kick only to be block and recovered by the French, they kick it out of play for half time. Score is 19-0.

A sloppy restart take by the French lands the ball on a Canadians hand, finally giving the a chance to play the ball in the French red zone. An unstable ruck by the Canadians had Williams throwing a lose ball to Benn, who then draws and pass to the center for a try. Canada starts the second half on a high, with Williams winning the ball back in the restart, after several phases of play for Canada, Williams finally sees daylight on the wing and fends of one player, only to be tackled of the field by Chloe Pelle, 3 meters away from the try line. At the set play Canada finally goes over the white line again after a show and go from the ruck.

France was not having it. The French then kicked in to second gear and showed Canada their aggressive potential opening up the wing for a number try. After a series of nail bitter exchange in attacks, France rips the ball from a Canadian hand, but the tired and frustrated Canadians began to become ill disciplined as one player gets yellow carded for slapping the ball down. And in no less than 5 seconds another Canadian is sent to the naughty chair as she too stick her hand out and knocks the ball on, making it a sevens vs five match. And as the hooter blows the French scored another try after a great supporting play kept the ball going after tackles. Final 29-10.

A shocking result for the champions from last week. This game might be a sneak peak at who plays in the women’s finals as both France and Canada are at only 1 loss and at a 10 point differential. Stay tuned for the Finals!