Argentina Back to Back champions again

We saw Argentina come out of the pandemic in the tournament set in Spain, Madrid 7s, they were in top form as they went head to head with other teams who wanted to have some game time prior to the Olympics.  Argentina came home the back to back champions in the two weekends tournament that welcomed sevens rugby back since the pandemic put the sports industry at a hold.

When Dubai 7s announced that they too have organized a trial games for Olympic and Olympic aspiring teams, fans were excited to see another sevens tournament after the long draught. Upon releasing their line up on social media, fans were thrilled to see big teams like France and Canada to be added competition for Argentina. The Pumas were no doubt the fan favorite team to win, and they didn’t disappoint. Argentina battled it out against France last week in the Cup finals, a nail biter finish for Argentina at 17-9  at the final whistle.

With young Pumas, Matías Osadczuk was crowned last weekends MVP of the tournament.

This weekend was a different finals match with Argentina facing of with team Canada, who will be making their debut at the Olympic games this July. The Emirates Invitational 7s was Canadas first taste at an international event since the lockdown happened,  and to reach the finals in the second leg was something they should be proud of.

Canada kicked off the finals, with Nate Hirayama leading his pack, immediately making an impact after successfully contesting their kick off. But the Los Pumas are not a team that will let off an easy try, so the Canadians battled out a very physical game against the defending Champions. The Canadians wins the first try after a penalty in the ruck by the veteran Gaston Ravol mistake, gave Canada’s #5 the chance to quick tap and run it himself while the Pumas were caught of guard. But the Pumas replied with their own break away try after speedster #14 left the Canadians in the dust.

Canada now made the mistake by being to slow to support at the ruck which gave the Argentines the ball and once again passed it on to #14 on the wing for try number two, placing the score at 7-14 at half time.

Ravol then starts the second half, with Argentina’s blistering defense line they were able to push Canada out of Bounds, their line out set play was perfectly executed giving #14 another try on the wing. at the restart Argentina wins the ball back but loses it to a scrum giving Canada a chance for try number two. Argentina replies with another try from the kick of by Los Pumas #2, showing Canada that Argentina’s speed is not something to under look. In the last final minutes, Canada had a chance in attack but the Argentine defense was not gonna let them pass, after tiring several phases, the referee stops the time after an argentine is left on the floor with medics. Players drop to their knees to catch their breath. A tired Argentine side relentlessly defends Canada with no time left in the game, but one Canadian slips in the 5 meter mark after a quick tap was given to Canada and they score another one. full time score 19-26.

Argentina is once again the back to back champions in this post Covid-19 Sevens Rugby tournament. Lautaro Bazan Velez was named MVP of the tournament.