Wllington rugby club’s 3 year ban for brawling

Wellington rugby club Marist St Pats has been banned from a prestigious sevens tournament for three years, after a brawl left a Petone player with severe facial injuries.

The Ambassador’s Sevens Tournament match, between Petone Rugby Club and Marist St Pats at Maidstone Park on November 14, was abandoned after a brawl involving players from both clubs and a spectator.

Petone player Ridge Studd was subsequently hospitalized and is still unable to work.

Wellington Rugby has posted the results of a disciplinary hearing involving players online. It notes that the match was called off and four players were red-carded. The hearing was chaired by Wellington lawyer Gerard Dewar.

Stuff has a copy of the minutes of the hearing which say Studd suffered serious injuries.

“Ridge Studd was seen to be convulsing on the ground, was hospitalized, suffered multiple fractures and required reconstructive facial surgery.”

The post notes that police are investigating the incident. The findings of the hearing were.

  • Iosefo Aukistino (Marist St Pats): Two-year suspension from all rugby for striking leading to serious and gross consequences to the health of the victim.
  • Patrick Aukustino (spectator): Two-year suspension from attending any matches under WRFU control having entered the field of play and struck a player.
  • Sagele Aukustino (Marist St Pats): One-year suspension from all rugby for striking.
  • Jeremiah Tuitatua (Marist St Pats): Five-match suspension for injecting himself with force via shoulder charge.
  • Ridge Studd (Petone): Three-match suspension from all rugby for striking and retaliation.
  • Marist St Pats: Three-year ban from entering a men’s team in the WRFU American Ambassador’s Sevens Tournament.

The sentences are subject to a seven-day appeal period. The statement says “no further comment will be made” until this period and any possible appeal proceedings conclude.

MSP chairman Rob Evans said the players were “very upset” about what happened. The club was reviewing the finding of the hearing to decide if it wanted to appeal.

The Petone club has been approached for comment. – Stuff