The National Olympic Committee-Kenya sends cheque to help 7s teams

Earlier this month, the National Olympic Committee-Kenya (NOC-K) handed over a Sh2.8 million cheque to sponsor Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) in their pursuit to a higher level game play.

Their goal? To build towards a high performance training for the Kenya rugby 7s men and women teams. This will directly help the teams make necessary tours like travel to Madrid, Spain for a series of competitions to prepare the teams for higher-performance.

The events will be hosted by Spanish rugby Federation and World Rugby and will feature 12 men and 12 women teams to compete against each other. All preparing to be in the best shape they can be for the Coming Olympic games.

Rugby training and games has had a long overdue comeback since the halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rugby is one of the last sports that was green lit due to social distancing rules to keep the virus from spreading.

Only recently did the Ministry of Sports release sports guidelines for the resumption of rugby games and in some countries, rugby is still in a stand still. Teams were eager to get back on the field late last year despite all the difficulties it faced.

The Union made sure to make arrangements for their squad to be able to train before the official start of the Olympic training programme.

The fast approaching Olympic games has got some teams set back into ‘game mode. The cheque was received by two womens 7s player representatives Janet Okelo and Sheila Chajira of Kenya Lionesses.