The Tabadamu Rugby Club aims for Experience

The Tabadamu Rugby club was eager to play in the Inaugural Super 7s Series this January 29-30 and believes that the continuous 7s tournaments is helping their players develop their local talents

The Navua based club was one of the teams that took part in the inaugural Super 7s Series this 2021and is now also part of the Mobil Uprising 7s tournament.

Manager Basilio Cakaunivalu told FBC News that they are blessed to be part of a tournament where club agents from all across the world will be watching.

“Sevens in Fiji is top tier and every year, players improve so we want to take this opportunity not only to win but to showcase our talent and maybe be able to impress selectors”

He told the news group  that after finishing sixth in the Super 7s Series last week, the team is fine tuning their weaknesses for this weekend.

The competition had 15 teams playing in four Pools Games

Teams were: Uluinakau, Fire, Gau Kacau Knights, Fiji 1, Uprising, Cross of Victory, Viyasan Providers, Police, Yamacia, Dominion Brothers, Waidrauso Brothers, Ratu Filise, Lami Cavaliers, Army and Wardens.