Japan Women’s Sevens 7 Commandments

In the recent Interview with World Rugby, Japan women’s team manager Akane Kagawa said that they hope the introduction of the seven commandments to the Sakura squad will bring inspiration and motivation for the squad to go for gold in the up and coming Tokyo Olympics.


Kagawa was a guest at Asia Rugby Live last month and showed confidence in their aim for Olympic glory this June in their home turf, Tokyo.


“Of course, our target is to get a medal,” she said. “The colour should be gold.”


The Japan Women have taken inspiration from the cherry blossoms as the Olympic Games get closer. The cherry blossom is the emblem of Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) and is seen on their team kit.


The Sakura players seven commandments brought into the seven team rules: self-management, consideration, gratitude, respect, pride, decency and harmony.


“As you can see on our shirt, our union logo is a cherry blossom,” Kagawa said. 

“Cherry blossoms are very beautiful, but it doesn’t last long. Once they bloom they are just gone for a very short time period, so all of those flowers will make an effort to be the best during [the time] they are blooming.

“So, we are just having that image in our team as well, so the cherry blossom actually represents what we do as a team. 

“To achieve what we would like to do in our team, we [also] have seven rules in our team.” 

She added: “For us to perform well in the game of rugby, it is required of all the players not only to train hard but also put value on their attitude as a national representative player, on and off the field. 

“Therefore, both our players and staff always have these rules in their mind, and try to implement them on an every-day basis. 

“As a representative of Japan we would like to be top of the world on and off the field. To achieve that we are determined to make our best effort for Tokyo 2020 with these seven rules.”

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