HSBC uses rugby ball “eye” to help small businesses celebrate Hong Kong Sevens

By Alex Dudley

Before every competition, HSBC initiatives a programme to help improve the sport’s popularity, and this time they have been sending around a rugby ball for small businesses ahead of the Hong Kong Sevens.

The banking company and World Series co-sponsor alongside Cathay Pacific has partnered with a local advertising agency, Grey Hong Kong, to make this possible.

They have also joined forces with Insight Robotics in order to create a rugby ball that will go from business-to-business and allow each company to market themselves through a camera in the ball.

Speaking to The Drum, the founder of Insight Robotics Rex Sham said: “There are cameras mounted on the sides of the official game ball and the ball was passed around Hong Kong. I’m happy to be part of such a fun project which also shows how supportive HSBC is of innovative businesses and start-ups.”

The videos of all the pitches made to the rugby camera have enabled for a story to be created, and this will be on the televisions and social media accounts throughout the weekend-long tournament. Meanwhile, there will also be shorter clips of the pitches available on radio and social media.

The 44th instalment of the Hong Kong Sevens and the seventh in the World Series 2018/19 seasons begins on Friday.

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