Sydney Sevens raises A$5k for charity via reusable Eco Cup initiative

By Michael Hudson

Officials have hailed the success of the green-friendly Eco Cups initiative implemented at February’s Sydney Sevens in partnership with the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) of New South Wales and environmental group WISE.

RAS Chief Executive Brock Gilmour said the WISE reusable cup was a fantastic solution to eliminate single-use cups going to landfill.

“The WISE cups are a sensible and practical answer to a growing environmental issue,” Gilmour said. “Additionally, re-usable cups will significantly reduce daily post-event cleaning costs and assist with improved waste management.”

According to the Rugby Australia website, reusable cups were given to fans at the Sydney 7s for A$2 and they were offered a new cup each time they bought a new drink. At the end of the day, fans had the option to take their cups home, donate their cups to charity (by giving their cups to the Australian Deaf Rugby team via collection bins) or collect their A$1 deposit.

However, fans were strongly in favour of donating their A$1 returnable deposit to charity with the Australian Deaf Rugby team raising more than A$5,000 during the competition at the Spotless Stadium.

The initiative is in accordance with World Rugby environmental guidelines which is aimed at managing available and potential resources in a sustainable way with the added benefit of reducing operational cost.

There has been growing awareness to the environmental problems caused by single use cups such as pollution, contribution to global warming and depletion of resources.

This Eco Cups initiative at the Sydney Sevens saved around 241 bins filled with plastic cups going to landfill and Rugby Australia expressed their appreciation to all fans who contributed to the initiative and helped create a greener stadium.

Main photo: Rugby Australia

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