Reprieve for Kenya 7s as players return to action

By Machuki Sundaa

Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) has embarked on an effort to salvage Shujaa’s season in the remaining legs of the HSBC World Sevens Series.

In a closed-door meeting, the union met players who took part in the previous season’s series to work on an agreement for the rest of the campaign, with Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Paris still to play.

In a statement, the KRU said it had reached a return to work agreement with senior Shujaa players.

“The Kenya Rugby Union held a meeting wit the senior Shujaa players and agreed to terms on a return to work formula for the remaining part of the season,” said Kenya Rugby union.

Coach Paul Muranga was positive about the decision and was quick to assure the players they will have every opportunity to compete for places.

“The boys are welcome in the team. They will be given an equal opportunity to train and a chance to be selected to play in the remaining legs. We still retain all the players that have been training and playing in the last six legs of the 2018/19 season,” said Muranga.

Sylvia Kamau, the KRU chief executive officer, mirrored the coach’s sentiments by saying the union was happy both parties had come to an agreement with four legs left in the 2018/2019 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series season.

KRU had recruited up to 12 new and young players to replace most of the senior players who were away. Most of them were making their debuts on the international scene. This decision was received with various sentiments on social media by fans and rugby lovers.

Shujaas have had a disappointing start and are fighting to move out of the relegation zone. Hopefully, this new boost will turn their fortunes around, with the next tournament in Hong Kong particularly special because they reached the final last year.

The team for Hong Kong, taking place from April 5-7, will leave on March 31.

Main Photo Credit: World Rugby

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